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 Privacy Policy

Who we are:
Sethani UK is a small UK-based charitable trust operating as a not-for-profit organisation, which provides grants to relieve poverty in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We are registered as a charity with the Charity Commission (Registered Charity 1107745). 

Sethani UK is a data controller under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2016. Sethani UK controls data to:

  • meet our obligations to the Charity Commission
  • maintain financial records
  • provide HMRC with donor details to make Gift Aid reclaims

What information do we collect?
We don’t use cookies or collect information from visitors to our website. If you’d like to make a donation, please click here to visit our online Virgin Money Giving page.

Virgin Money Giving manage our online donations and will process the information necessary to receive your donation and reclaim Gift Aid (if applicable) on our behalf. This may include your name, contact details, bank details and Gift Aid eligibility.

Sethani UK will only have access to your personal data if you’ve given marketing consent. Virgin Money Giving will automatically ask you about your contact preferences but we do not keep a mailing list or engage in direct marketing and won’t contact you again as a result of your donation. We have a default thank you message which you’ll receive automatically and if you’d like to make contact with us at any point, we can be reached using our email address. If you’ve donated to us in the past and have completed a paper Gift Aid declaration, we’ll retain these to process any further Gift Aid reclaims.

What might we do with the information? (Legal basis for processing information)
We need some information to enable us to provide information and process donations. If you contact us or make a donation, we may use your data to:

  • Provide you with the information that you asked for. If you ask us for information, we don’t track whether you open the email we send you or whether you click a link within a message.
  • Administer your donation, including processing Gift Aid.

Sethani UK does not share or transfer data except where required by regulations or law; for example, we share information about our trustees with the Charity Commission to comply with their regulations and with HMRC to make Gift Aid reclaims.

How to access, correct or delete your information
The Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 allows you to request a copy of the personal information relating to you which is kept by Sethani UK. If you have supplied us with a Gift Aid declaration and your details change, or if you believe that the information that Sethani UK holds about you is out-of-date or inaccurate, please get in touch with us and provide us with the correct details.

How we keep your data safe
We aim to ensure that there are appropriate controls in place to protect any personal information you may provide to us. All electronic documents relating to Sethani UK are password-protected and files are backed up in an encrypted and compressed form to enable data to be restored in the case of computer failure. Access to documents is restricted to authorised trustees. We have an agreement in place with Virgin Money Giving to process our data and do not transfer personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

How long do we store your data?
We will hold personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity. For example, , Gift Aid details are kept to process any further Gift Aid reclaims. When data is no longer required under our obligations to the Charity Commission or HMRC, it is deleted or shredded as appropriate.

Changes to this Policy
Any changes to this Policy will be notified by displaying the word “NEW” next to the relevant section.

Contact us
If you have any queries about this Policy or any complaints with regard to the administration of the Policy, please e-mail uk@sethani.org.


Last updated: 22 May 2018




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