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Sethani UK was established as a registered charitable trust in 2004, working to relieve poverty in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Since 2002, we've partnered with Sethani South Africa who work in KwaNgcolosi, a semi-rural tribal area of KwaZulu Natal, aiming to change lives and transform the community through the provision of resources, facilities and training. 

Earlier this year, Debbie Wells (Sethani SA founder and Sethani UK trustee) retired and handed over the leadership of Sethani South Africa to Child Welfare KZN and as a result, Sethani UK ceased operating in November 2020. 

Through generous donations from individuals and groups, we've been able to give over 1.5 million Rand since 2004 to support the work. A huge thank you to all who've supported us - your donations have been very much appreciated and have made a significant difference to so many lives in KwaNgcolosi over the years.


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